Drive Thru

He looked me dead in the eyes and lied to me.

I pulled out of the parking lot and put my straw in my drink and took a sip. Sweet tea. Not unsweet. And I even asked him if it was unsweet and he looked at me and said yes. Why did he do that? Did he intentionally lie or was he just mistaken? Was he banking on me not calling his bluff and tasting it right there at the window? Did he even hear what I said? Maybe he just responded with the mechanical “yes” that most people give when you ask them a question as you’re just about to leave their presence.

So many questions swirled in my head – not unhelped by the sugar – as I sipped my sweet tea. The only one that seemed relevant was whether or not to return the drink.

Not this time. This time the fast food monger wins. But I’ve learned a valuable lesson. I now taste my tea before I drive away.


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